How To Measure

Measuring Guidelines


The goal in measuring a window for a window treatment is to obtain the correct window measurement.  When ordering window treatments there are a few guidelines to keep in mind.  (Also, please see the diagrams below.) You can use these guidelines if you choose to buy the products and install them yourself. But, please rest assured that we can also measure during our free estimate we provide to you!

1.  Measure in Multiple locations to know if the window is in or out  of square.  Very often the window frames are out of square so knowing  how to account for this in the ordering process is crucial.  Too short  of measurement could leave light gaps on the sides or at the bottom of  the treatment. Too long of measurement could produce bunching up at he  bottom of a treatment or if it is a vertical blind the slats will hit  bottom.  Too wide of a measurement for an inside mount may not allow the  treatment to fit or be used properly. And finally, too narrow of a  measurement and the treatment may not fit inside the mounting brackets  or.  Precise measurements are crucial!

2. When measuring for  outside mounting it is important to know where you would like to mount  the treatment and to make sure you have proper clearance. In addition,  it is suggested that you measure in multiple locations at the desired  window area on the left, right, top, and bottom.  For vertical  blinds you should add an additional 3"-6" on each side and at least  3" at the top and bottom.  This will allow for greater light control  and privacy.  For other treatments the same principle should be  applied. The idea is to minimize light gaps while created the desired  look and a properfit.  Precise measurements are important. 

3. When measuring for inside mounting it is extremely important to obtain exact measurements.  There is not the luxury of additional 'play' as often there is with outside mounting.  It is suggested that you measure left to right at the top, middle, and right side of the window horizontally.  When submitting the width ALWAYS use the smallest measurement to make sure the treatment fits.  When   measuring the length measure from top to bottom at the left, middle, and right and when getting the length ALWAYS submit the longest measurement to make sure there are no gaps at the bottom.  (For verticals at floor length make sure you use the shortest length instead of the longest so certain vanes do not hit the floor).  If you measure from opposite corners and there is a difference of more than 1/2" you may choose an outside mount.  Precise measurements are crucial!

4.  Watch out for window cranks / handles or any other protrusions that  may interfere with a window treatment being able to fully be drawn.   Most crank and handles can simply be removed and set aside while not in  use. If not, alternate mountings (like butterfly handles) may be  purchased in order to accommodate for proper clearance and operation.  

5. When measuring for film it is also important to get accurate dimensions.  This time the measurements are taken directly on the glass.  Normally, widths and heights are measured and a general 1/2'' or so is added to the cut in order to account for any out of square glass.  Any excess film gets trimmed off during installation.  On the other hand, do not assume that because one window looks the same as another that they are the same size.  Often they are NOT.  Remember, any more than 1/2" out of square in any angle combination and now the piece of film will not fit properly because it may be crooked and have excessive light gaps. As much as we would like to display our prices for every product we sell with every color, size, pattern, fabric, texture, lifting mechanism, etc. option combination available; it is not possible.  However, we are more than happy to provide you a free quote for any product we sell.  Before you make your deposit or full payment you will have a proposal or an invoice via in person, e-mail, fax, or by regular mail delivery.  You will always know exactly what you are purchasing and how much you are paying before you make your payment. 

The following are measuring suggestions for inside and outside mounting  as you may ultimately measure for installation as you deem appropriate.