What is Transitional Window FIlm


Transitional = Managed Sun Glare Control

Our new CoolVu window films adapt to the intensity of sunlight on your window and door glass. These films “transition” from a lighter state to a darker, tinted state when exposed to direct sun. This patented photochromic molecular structure is the world’s first stable climate responsive window film. Now you can enjoy clearer windows when wanted during cloudy days and at night and then tinted windows when needed during hot and blinding sunlight. Perfect for home, business, church and school.


UV Protection = Safe 'Daylighting'

 Transitional CoolVu window films block out 99% of the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays  in both it’s clearer and tinted states. Enjoy pristine views while reducing the impact of UV exposure to skin, delicate fabrics, hardwoods and artwork. With this film installed on your windows and door glass, the sunlight coming into your space will be free from this problematic radiation. Film protects your valuables from premature degradation and prolongs the life of your furnishings up to 300% longer than with  untreated windows. 


Heat Control = Increased comfort

 CoolVu transitional window films are composed of advanced ceramics that  function as impressive solar heat blockers. These spectrally selective ceramic coatings are tuned to stop over 80% of the infrared heat gain through glass. With our films installed, homes and buildings no longer suffer temperature imbalances that put unnecessary stress on HVAC systems and occupants alike. These ceramic based window films are the world’s only transitional film available for installation on your windows that maximize 'daylighting' while stopping significant solar heat gain. They also continue to reduce fade damage on your belongings. 


A New, More Intelligent FIlm

CoolVu Transitional Window Films are an entirely new category of sun control products. Designed with occupant wellness and optimal solar performance embedded in its DNA, the stable photochromic technology is the world’s first dynamically performing climate responsive film technology.

Building glass, curtain wall, retail storefront and residential properties all benefit from CoolVu’s adaptive nature and impressive solar performance.

CoolVu Transitional Window Films:

    *Transition up to 35% in direct sunlight

    *Block 99.9% of the sun’s UV radiation

    *Stop 80% of the sun’s IR heat energy

    *Safe for insulated and LowE glass

    *Maximize nighttime viewing through glass

CoolVu adapts to the sun’s intensity on your window and door glass, providing for advanced sun control when needed most.

CoolVu maximizes daylight throughout the entire day – rain or shine – reducing reliance on artificial interior lighting sources.


All Faqs

Q-What makes CoolVu different from other window films?

CoolVu is nearly invisible at nighttime, keeping the natural look of your glass while maintaining a more unobstructed view to the outside world. The film only gets darker when the sun is out reducing the need for interior lights during the day when cloudy or dark. No other film type can offer this benefit of maximizing interior light. 

Q-How long does CoolVu’s ‘transition’ take when exposed to sunlight?

In direct sunlight, CoolVu will transition from a ‘clearer’ state to a ‘tinted’ state in under 30 seconds. The transition back to its original/base state will occur in less than 5 minutes.

Q-How do I clean my windows once CoolVu is installed?

It’s easy. You can clean your windows with soap and water using squeegees or soft cloths. We would provide you with a care and cleaning sheet.

Q-Can I install CoolVu on double paned or Low E windows?

Yes. CoolVu is designed with today’s higher performance architectural glass in mind.

Q-How much does CoolVu cost?

CoolVu is a premium product installed by certified professionals with each project being unique. Contact us for pricing on a per job basis.

Q-What are the other benefits of CoolVu?

CoolVu blocks 99% of the UV radiation from the sun, can reduce the sun’s heat by up to 71% and helps control annoying sun glare when exposed to natural light.

Q-How does CoolVu look at nighttime?

CoolVu is nearly invisible at nighttime, keeping the natural look of your glass while maintaining unobstructed views to the outside world. 

Q-How does CoolVu work on rainy or cloudy days?

CoolVu remains clearer on rainy or cloudy days and allows for maximum natural light under these weather conditions.  

Q-Do interior lights ‘trigger’ the CoolVu transition?

No. CoolVu is only triggered when exposed to natural sunlight/UV rays.  

Q-How does Photochromic science work?

Photochromic transitions are chemical reactions triggered by the exposure to UV sunlight.

Q-What is the technology behind CoolVu?

CoolVu is unique and uses a proprietary method to create a stable photochromic  reaction that provides for clearer glass when needed and tinted glass  when wanted. 

Q-What is the warranty for CoolVu?

CoolVu offers basic and extended warranties depending on installation type. 

Q-Can I install CoolVu myself?

No. CoolVu is installed by our certified installers only.